Money, work and home

Your health and wellbeing while waiting​

Your health may not be the only thing that you’re thinking about while you’re waiting. You may have issues on your mind that aren’t related to your actual wait. These can also impact your wellbeing.

This section has information on common issues people may be facing. This includes issues linked to money, work and relationships.


If you’re struggling with money worries and the cost of living, you can get practical advice.

Work and employment

Salus offer a wide range of free return to work services across the UK.

Working Health Services Scotland (WHSS) offer advice and support if your work is affected by a health condition. This support is free and confidential. You must be self-employed or working in a company with less than 250 employees.


Relationships Scotland provide relationship counselling and family mediation. They also have many other different types of family support services.

You can contact them on 0345 119 2020 (Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 4pm).

Further information on Relationships Scotland

Scotland’s Service Directory

You can use Scotland’s Service Directory to find details of health and wellbeing services in your area. This includes details of different support groups for conditions, illnesses and more.