Your health and wellbeing while waiting

Sleep plays an important part in good health and wellbeing. The way you feel whilst awake is influenced by how well you are sleeping.

During sleep, your body works to support healthy brain function and maintain your physical health.

Sometimes sleep can worsen whilst you’re waiting to see a healthcare specialist. This can be due to discomfort and pain, or due to worry about the appointment or procedure that you are waiting for.

Sleep problems and insomnia self-help guide

NHS inform has a sleep problems and insomnia self-help guide. It covers topics like:

  • symptom of a sleep problem
  • causes of a sleep problem
  • improving your sleep
  • calming a busy mind


Sleepio is a digital sleep improvement programme based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT.) It’s clinically proven to help address the root causes of poor sleep and insomnia.

Sleepio is structured into six 15 to 20 minute CBT sessions.

You can use Sleepio on your web browser or download the Sleepio app for iOS and Android devices.

To access this course, you need to provide the first half of your postcode and an email address.

The Sleep Charity

The Sleep Charity provide advice and support to help people sleep better. They have information, including triggers for poor sleep and treatments.

Further information on The Sleep Charity

Scotland’s Service Directory

You can use Scotland’s Service Directory to find details of health and wellbeing services in your area. This includes details of different support groups for conditions, illnesses and more.

Information and support

Improving sleep can make a real difference to your overall wellbeing whilst waiting.

Find out more about how to sleep better and manage sleep problems.