Managing your money

It’s a good idea to think about how you’ll manage your money while pregnant and once your baby is born.

When your baby's born, you’re going to need to make your money go further. The costs of clothes, nappies and toys can all mount up.

Make time to plan

Make time to plan your income and spending during your pregnancy and after your baby's born. Taking time to plan and finding out what support's available can ease your worries.

The Money Advice Service has information about managing your money if you're having a baby

Where to get information and advice

Your midwife and health visitor will ask you about money matters. They ask all pregnant mums and families about this and will be able to help you access a money and welfare advice service in your area for free and confidential support regardless of your circumstances.

Citizens Advice Scotland has information on benefits if you're expecting a baby and GOV.UK has information on financial help if you have children

Money and welfare advice services

Money and welfare advice services offer free support to help you with any money, benefits, rights or debt issues you might have.

They can also tell you about support you can get while you're pregnant and when your baby arrives.

Find a money and welfare advice service in your area

Financial Health Check

The Citizens Advice network in Scotland also offer a Financial Health Check.

This check is:

  • an easy way for families to assess their financial situation and make the most of their income
  • offered face-to-face or over the phone

It includes advice on:

  • reducing household energy costs
  • debt advice
  • claiming benefits
  • support for entitlements such as the Best Start Grant, free school meals and the school clothing grant

If you're on a low income and interested in receiving a free Financial Health check, phone the free helpline on 0800 085 7145.

Free NHS dental care

You can get free NHS dental care during your pregnancy, and for one year after your baby's born.

More about help with health costs

Healthy Start vitamins

All pregnant mums in Scotland should receive free Healthy Start vitamins. These are specifically designed for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

You don't need to apply. Ask your midwife for your free vitamins.

More about Healthy Start vitamins

Healthy Start vouchers

Healthy Start vouchers can be used in some shops in exchange for milk, fruit and vegetables.

You may be entitled to Healthy Start food vouchers if you're pregnant and:

  • under 18
  • getting certain benefits and on a low income

Ask your midwife about your eligibility.

More about Healthy Start vouchers

Applying for Healthy Start vouchers

You can get an application form by:

  • asking your midwife or health visitor for one
  • phoning the Healthy Start helpline (0345 607 6823) and asking them to send one to you by post

You can also fill in the form online and print it off for your midwife to sign.

Baby Box

Every baby born in Scotland gets a free Baby Box. This gives them a place to sleep and some essential things for their first few months.

When you’re between 20 and 24 weeks pregnant, your midwife will tell you how you can register to get your box.

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